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Sad News and a Look Behind the Scenes

I was already running severely behind this week when I received a call yesterday that, my friend and journalist, Bill Baker had passed away. It took a lot out of me, and I barely got even the pencils done for page 29 in time for today’s post. That said, it was always Bill’s advice that, no matter what, I post something even if I can’t finish a page for any reason (Bill was very influential in me bringing this graphic novel to the web). So, in honour of him, and at the suggestion of my wonderful girlfriend, I’m going to turn a negative into a positive and do something a little different this week.

I often get questions about my process, and this week my readers will get to see a page of art as it comes together. Today, the penciled version of page 29 went up (lettered, of course, so you can still follow the story). On Thursday, I plan to post the inked version of the page, and on Monday, the final version will be uploaded. That, of course, will be followed by page 30 on Tuesday (as per the regular schedule). Then, on Wednesday, I plan to post a blog entry on my website (jmdesantis.com) detailing my process for creating a comic page from start to finish (likely with some mention of the writing end of things as well).

After all, I’ve been looking for more subject matter for my blog, and this will give me a perfect opportunity to blog about something interesting (I hope). So keep checking back this week and next to see page 29 progress, and read my blog next week to learn about my process in further detail.

As for tomorrow, I’ll be writing about Bill. As I said, he was very supportive of me working on this graphic novel, specifically as a web-comic. I couldn’t thank him enough, and now without the chance to do so in person, the best I can do is write about it. So please visit my blog tomorrow to learn a little bit about how Bill influenced me and what a great man and friend he was.

  • Avatar Mark Mazz says:

    Here’s the pieced that I wrote about Bill Baker’s passing:

    A very personal Remembrance of Bill Baker

    • J. M. DeSantis J. M. DeSantis says:

      Thanks for linking to this, Mark. I read it earlier, and it’s a wonderful piece. You can read mine on my website (Remembering a Friend and Mentor–I also posted this in a comment on CCN).

      Please add this in a comment on my piece on my website (jmdesantis.com). I’d love to share yours with everyone as well.

      • Avatar Susy says:

        Thnkyfulla, I’ve been blessed with good sleepers. Minus teething and other illness, they have both slept through the night since the two month mark. This is not due to anything on our part. At all. It is simply luck. We know this. We have no advice. And we count our blessings each time.

    • It is important to say two things… What this new site is and what it is not…We are saying…”This is your opportunity to be out in front…on the ground floor of something God is doing.”“This is an opportunity to develop a new army of leaders..”“This is a call to reach people who are far from God in a new area.”“This is NOT a way for you to get a church that you have always dreamed about.”“This is NOT about convienence or style, it is about reaching people for Christ.”Good stuff Craig…Thanks

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