Just One Week Away

Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows News

This week and next week, my blog posts are coming a bit early (I usually post new blogs on Wednesday on jmdesantis.com and Tuesday on chadhiyana.com–though the latter may officially change), as next Monday, July 13th, is the “scheduled” release date for issue one of Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows. I put scheduled in quotations, because if you’ve been keeping up with the recent Chadhiyana news, you know that my publisher (Rosarium Publishing) is actually ahead of schedule with the book’s release. Read more… ›

Changes Made

reposted today from jmdesantis.com

If you missed my post last Thursday on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, I mentioned that there was a certain document of interest which was placed in my e-mail last week. That particular document is the harbinger of the big news I’ve had coming for a long time. The end is nigh. And with that, some changes have been made in preparation for its coming. Read more… ›

All Caught Up…Ahead Even

I’ve noticed a lot of visitors have viewed the last two January posts (All Caught Up…Mostly and A Page Unfinished) over the past two weeks. This was probably in response to the recent uncoloured art I posted for pages 29 and 30. The trouble is, these readers ignored the two most recent posts which addressed said pages specifically. But we’re past that now. Not only am I caught up, but I’ve finally gotten a little ahead.  Read more… ›

All Caught Up…Mostly

I put in some long hours yesterday to make sure that not only was page 24 completed and lettered for today, but that also I was able to re-post page 23 in its completed form. I also increased the size of the text on page 23 as I felt it might read too small for some. I’m not sure what colours you all pictured for the African-like villagers at the bottom of page 23, but blue and red is as I pictured them, once I began deciding on the colours for this scene. And, what’s more, now you get a clearer sense of the colour of the uniforms for that shadowy group from the Prologue. Read more… ›

The Incredible Disappearing, Reappearing Scabbard

As promised, corrections have been made this week to Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows. The scabbard hanging from the female shadow warrior’s (now revealed to be Chadhiyana) belt which had been missing on pages 17 and 18, has now been added to those pages. And, in case you were wondering, J. M. DeSantis did hand paint those corrections.

Don’t forget that Chapter I begins posting next week (yes, starting with another chapter title page). The art will also move from the limited colour scheme of the Prologue to something more full, and again, there will be dialogue starting with the first page of the new chapter. So make sure you come back in the New Year and see how this graphic novel develops in 2014. Happy New Year!

Some Small Changes

Two small changes were made to the pages of Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows this week (aside from adding page 18 to the list). First, the text reading “~a graphic novel~ by” was removed from the cover image, as well as J. M. DeSantis’s JMD logo (also his signature) from the top of the cover. The logo was expanded to cover more area, and the bottom purple bar (upon which the aforementioned text was place) was removed. Second, the colours on last week’s page 17 were darkened in certain instances, where necessary to maintain a uniform look from page to page. Again, minor changes, but worth noting for those of you paying attention.

Don’t forget that dialogue will begin with Chapter I of the graphic novel, the first page of which should post around the beginning of the new year.

Changes to Page Numbering

Frequent readers may have noticed a sudden jump or change in the page numbers on chadhiyana.com. This was merely a decision made to better reflect J. M. DeSantis’s script for Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows and is in keeping with not only the page numbering therein, but also the typical method of numbering pages for a book or web-comic. Read more… ›

Improvements to the Prologue

Some improvements have been made to the Prologue pages up to this point. The colour of the title page has been changed slightly to an arguably more attractive colour. Also, the texture on the vines which first appeared on page 6 was added to pages 1 through 5. Pages 6 and 7 saw some corrections made to the art, including darker blue shadows and a different orange-brown colour for the patterns on the snakes on page 7. Other minor improvements were made to pages 4 and 5 as well. If you are new to Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows, these changes are of little concern.

Page 8 of the Prologue is now up, and not only is it the first page of the new posting schedule, but also the first full-page spread of the book. Don’t forget to check back every week for a new page, and visit jmdesantis.com every Wednesday for a new blog entry by, Chadhiyana creator, J. M. DeSantis (tomorrow’s will concern the aforementioned improvements). Enjoy!