Changes to Page Numbering

Frequent readers may have noticed a sudden jump or change in the page numbers on This was merely a decision made to better reflect J. M. DeSantis’s script for Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows and is in keeping with not only the page numbering therein, but also the typical method of numbering pages for a book or web-comic.

Previously, the two Introduction pages were counted separately, followed by an unnumbered Prologue title page. Page 1 was counted from the first page of the Prologue. The changes now show page one of the Prologue as page 5, and page 1 proper as the first page of the introduction.

Also worth noting is that the Prologue title page is counted as two pages. In J. M.’s script, all title pages fall on odd numbered pages, followed by a blank page, followed by the first page of that chapter (on another odd numbered page). This, again, was done in an effort to reflect the original script and the intention of the author.

A blog post further explaining the changes may be made on J. M. DeSantis’s web-site tomorrow. As always, you can read a new blog post by J. M. every Wednesday on

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