All Caught Up…Mostly

I put in some long hours yesterday to make sure that not only was page 24 completed and lettered for today, but that also I was able to re-post page 23 in its completed form. I also increased the size of the text on page 23 as I felt it might read too small for some. I’m not sure what colours you all pictured for the African-like villagers at the bottom of page 23, but blue and red is as I pictured them, once I began deciding on the colours for this scene. And, what’s more, now you get a clearer sense of the colour of the uniforms for that shadowy group from the Prologue.

So, there it is. I’m actually still editing the script for Chapter I as I’m posting pages (hence the title of this blog entry). It’s not the way I’d usually work (typically I finish the script entirely before I trade my writing hat for my artist hat), but part of taking this graphic novel to the web was the desire to test a new medium and a new way of working. I’m getting just that, it appears. I just thank my editor immensely for his patience and understanding with me on this new project.

See you all next week with a new page!

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