Thank You Baltimore Comic-Con 2014

Sorry for the black and white post today, folks. With all honesty, no amount of coffee or self-motivation was going to get this done on time. Baltimore Comic-Con was a great but exhausting experience this year, and it took everything I had just to get this much done. I promise I’ll have the colours done soon, as well as the fixes to pages 55 and 56 (where I inexplicably got experimental).

That said, I wanted to post a quick thank you today (with this week’s new page) to all of you who stopped by my Baltimore Comic-Con artist alley table this weekend past. It was a great show, as it has been every year since I started exhibiting there in 2011. Tomorrow, on my blog (on I will be writing a slightly more in-depth piece about the show, and I’ll be making an announcement about next year. So if you did or do normally attend this show, please refer to my website tomorrow. Thanks again, Baltimore!

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