Early Chadhiyana #2 Release!

Chadhiyana #2 Now Available!

The Chadhiyana #2 release date is fast approaching–only five days hence–and yet, there’s no reason to wait a minute longer, because comiXology released the book yesterday! But that’s not all! They also gave Chadhiyana another mention in their podcast (The comiXologist), Sequential Tart gave issue 2 a 10/10 review, and I have an forthcoming interview with them. More, comiXology is offering issue 1 for free for a limited time! 

As I’ve said previously, the remaining issues of Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows will be digital-only releases, until the first trade is published (which will be print and digital). So, if you already have #1 and have been waiting for #2, you can finally download this next installment at comixology.com/Chadhiyana-2/digital-comic/286191.

That said, if you haven’t picked up issue #1 yet, now is the perfect time! For one week only, comiXology is offering a free copy of Chadhiyana #1 when you enter the promo code chadpod (promotion expires October 28, 2015). You can find issue 1 here: comixology.com/Chadhiyana-1/digital-comic/239164.

Chadhiyana #2 coverWith this, Chadhiyana #2 was mentioned in The comiXologist podcast yesterday as one of their picks for the week (Episode 465: The Living Dead). You can hear Kara and Matt talk about it at 20:19 into the podcast. The amazing part about that is this is the second time Kara has picked Chadhiyana to talk about! A few months back she praised the art and opening sequence of Chadhiyana #1 (Episode 449: Back in the Saddle Again). So it’s not surprising that comiXology is offering this chance to get started reading Chadhiyana for free; it seems like it’s grabbing their attention well enough.

Other than that, Sequential Tart gave Chadhiyana #2 another 10/10 review (that is, following their 10/10 review of Chadhiyana #1). You can find the review at sequentialtart.com/reports.php?ID=9678&issue=2015-10-12. Though it’s probably best if you actually read the issue first, as there are a few spoilers in this review.

More, Sequential Tart recently contacted me for an interview about Chadhiyana. So keep an eye out for that. I’m almost certain it’s going to run on the site next week. But if you check back here or follow me on social media, I’ll be sure to make an announcement once it’s available.

With all of these things happening simultaneously, it’s almost as though there is a mini-digital release event happening for Chadhiyana #2. Hopefully, if you haven’t been convinced yet to try the series, or haven’t even heard of it yet, this might do the trick. For me, I’m just happy the book is finally getting some real attention. After all, I love working on it, and to have others enjoy it is the best pay off of all.


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