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Read today’s blog post for the new posting schedule:

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Sorry for the late page today, folks. Unfortunately, I didn’t get quite enough time to work whilst I was exhibiting at the New York Comic Con as I thought. Though, maybe, that’s not such a bad thing.

Anyway, tomorrow will be the last day of the page-a-weekday posts. A new schedule will follow (which I’ll post tomorrow). Thank you all for your patience, and, again, sorry for the delay. Enjoy!

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And so begins the Prologue proper. Again, as was mentioned in the launch day blog post (And so it Begins…) the Prologue is told completely without words or dialogue. The author, J. M. DeSantis assures you that it makes perfect sense for this part of the story and that there will be plenty to read (in the literal sense of the word) with the completion of the Prologue and the start of Chapter I.