New Posting Schedule

New York Comic Con has come and gone (if you want to read about that, please visit my blog on tomorrow), and we’ve at last reached October 15th, the final day for the one-page-every-weekday posts. As stated, the extension of this posting schedule was entirely dependent on how much work I could get done between last week and today. Unfortunately, as is typically the case with me, I expected a little more than was reasonable. Throughout the Con weekend I had little time to work on the graphic novel and, as a result, posted yesterday’s page a little later than usual. What’s more, I felt I rushed these last two pages to get them done in time and so am slightly less happy with them.

I have no desire to sacrifice the quality of Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows in order to post pages quicker. It had been my hope to post every weekday through October 29th, but I see now it is a bit unrealistic, and so my second plan will have to be the way of it. Today will be the last posted page for this week and going forward one page will post each week, on Tuesdays. I am sorry I can’t offer more, but the pages do take time to create (I paint them by hand in watercolours) and, again, I wouldn’t want to sacrifice quality for quantity. The plan was always to go down to a weekly posting schedule, unfortunately, it’s happening about two weeks earlier than I was hoping for.

That said, please keep in mind that the Prologue is purposely wordless and dialogue-less. There is a reason for it. Also, though the cover has the orange and blue colour scheme, as do the pages of the Prologue, the entire book will not be depicted in only these two colours. Again, this was an artistic choice on my part, one I hope you can appreciate considering the nature of the story of the Prologue.

With that, I will say I am very excited to continue to bring you this new chapter of Chadhiyana’s story. I think this graphic novel is really something special, and I’m hoping you will feel the same way, either now or in time. There are some great bits to come, so keep reading, and I will see you with a new page next week. Enjoy!

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