The Woman of the Tal-Ifatiir

This week, the character, Ifatir-Wamir finishes his report, which functions as an explanation of the events of the Prologue. Hopefully any of you who were lost at last have an idea of what that was all about. What’s more, in his report to the Tal-Fatiir masters, Ishalaraad and Kalaah ad-Fataar, Ifatir-Wamir mentions a woman who fought against the seemingly living forest “like a firestorm.” Do any of you have an idea who this woman is? Did any of you recognise her in the Prologue?

We’re just two weeks away from the appearance (again) of our title character. Sometimes I forget how slowly the story is unfolding for all of you (one page a week), especially considering I’m ahead on the artwork and even further along on the writing end of things (knowing the entire story all the way to its conclusion). So stay tuned and keep reading! The story is only in its infancy still (after all, we’re only on page 37 in the first chapter of the book). There’s much more to come, as I hope you gathered already.

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