All Caught Up…Ahead Even

I’ve noticed a lot of visitors have viewed the last two January posts (All Caught Up…Mostly and A Page Unfinished) over the past two weeks. This was probably in response to the recent uncoloured art I posted for pages 29 and 30. The trouble is, these readers ignored the two most recent posts which addressed said pages specifically. But we’re past that now. Not only am I caught up, but I’ve finally gotten a little ahead. 

The finished art for pages 29 and 30 have been uploaded, as well as this week’s new page (31). What’s more, I’ve already completed the art for page 32 (next week’s page). I’ve wanted to get ahead for a while now. In fact, when I first decided to publish this graphic novel as a web-comic, I wanted to be at least two months ahead of my posting schedule. But, alas, circumstances did not allow for it. My hope is still to build on this one week gain, but for now at least there will be less of a chance of a page going up late or only part-finished in the future.

Other than that, I’ve been constantly updating the Encyclopedia with new entries to keep track of the characters and locations which are popping up in the story. Also, I’ve recently taken out the calendar and added a synopsis next to the comic. This, I feel, will help give both new readers and old a better idea of what the story is about (and maybe pull more people in). I’ve also added a fuller synopsis on the About page.

Well, that’s all for this week. Expect more changes to come. I’m still debating another update to the page number format, and with my new monitor calibrator, I’m also looking at fixing some of the colours on the back pages (pre-page 26) to better reflect my original art. All in due time.

In the meanwhile, enjoy this week’s page (or all of them, if you’re new to Chadhiyana) and I’ll be back next week with a finished page 32. Without a doubt!

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