Chadhiyana #2 on GlobalComix

It’s been a long while coming, but Chadhiyana #2: In the Dwerrow Tomb is now available on GlobalComix as pay-per-page or DRM-free PDF download: 

This is a slight switch from the original intention of publishing Ghouls & Golems (now #3) next, as it took longer to complete than this issue. But Ghouls is also forthcoming, as it’s currently in post-production. In the Dwerrow Tomb is written by me, J. M. DeSantis, with art by Jack(ie) Musto of Kay & P, and cover art by Corey J. Breen (also the designer of the Chadhiyana logo).

As with all of the issues in this new series, each issue contains standalone stories about the Girl with the Fire-Ringed Eyes. This one follows her and her sometimes companion, the optimistic Priyankee on a journey through a Dwerrow (Dwarven) crypt, where they run into more than just traps to stop them from reaching their goal at the heart of the tomb.

Print versions of the comic have been available for months at conventions attended by me, but are also coming soon to IndyPlanet and other sellers and published by Dark Fire Press. You can read more about the latest issue on the Dark Fire Press website, and even check out a sample of the issue (free to download) on the comic’s page listing:

Happy Reading, Chadhiyana Fans! ~ J. M.

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