Dark Fire Press Turns Five!

Dark Fire Press: Five Year Anniversary, 2018-2023
Dark Fire Press, turns five this year! Since leaving Rosarium Publishing, J. M. DeSantis brought Chadhiyana over to Dark Fire Press in 2020/2021. And though publication has been a bit slow, the announcement of their five-year anniversary should bring a lot of new content, including more Chadhiyana (including the near-complete issue #3, and in-production issues #4 & #5). This milestone means five years of creator-owned publishing not only of J. M. DeSantis’s work, but that of others such as Jorge Media, Luiz M. Cruz, and Anibal Arroyo. Help celebrate by checking out their site, darkfirepress.com, & join their mailing list for updates in your e-mail (their socials are linked on their site). Congratulations, Dark Fire Press! To another five and more years!

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