Almost There

After a couple of weeks of waiting, Chapter I is finally here. With this new chapter comes another title page (as will always be the case for new chapters), but also a new graphic for all chapter title pages (to give the title pages a little more character)–the title page of the Prologue has been changed to match this. Also, as stated many a time, dialogue will begin in this new chapter. So, you can expect to learn what the action-based sequence of the Prologue was all about soon enough.

That said, please refer to J. M. DeSantis’s blog (on tomorrow for further information on Chapter I’s posting. Due to some recent deaths in his family, there may be a delay in page 23’s publication (page 1 of Chapter I). J. M. DeSantis will do everything he can to get the page done on time, however, consider this an advanced apology in case he is unable to achieve this in time.

The author apologises for the delays these past few weeks, and he appreciates the understanding of all his patient readers during this difficult time. If the page is not complete, a message at least will post to this blog.

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