Chadhiyana: The Call of Fire

Chadhiyana: The Call of Fire from Dark Fire Press

New from Dark Fire Press is the print, special edition version of the latest Chadhiyana short, Chadhiyana: The Call of Fire. This four-page comic is a teaser to the upcoming series of stories and issues from creator J. M. DeSantis ( and publisher Dark Fire Press ( 

The comic can be read for free on the Chadhiyana website ( The limited edition print version can be purchased exclusively through IndyPlanet:

The print version will only be available for the next year, as the five-issue, eleven story, new series is completed and published, leading to the collection, Chadhiyana: The Girl With the Fire-Ringed Eyes. Dark Fire Press, having taken over the publication of the series following Rosarium Publishing, has also created a separate page for all Chadhiyana titles, current and upcoming, on their site:

Chadhiyana #0With all of this, Chadhiyana #0 (the original comic) will also be going out-of-print in April 2020, with the publication of the first issue of the new series, Chadhiyana: Rekindled. Chadhiyana #0 is also exclusively available on IndyPlanet. This too will become a collector’s issue for those wishing to own a piece of Chadhiyana history:

Stay tuned for more Chadhiyana news and announcements, and join both the J. M. DeSantis and Dark Fire Press mailing lists. Each has a sign-up form on the sidebar of their respective websites, this way you don’t miss any Chadhiyana news or releases!

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