Following the Great Cataclysm, the Second Age of the ancient world began. It was a time of great change and turmoil. A time when demons rose up from the ashes of their fallen lord’s kingdom to claim inheritence, and the cities of Men and Dwerrows were built upon the ruins of the previous age, whilst the Elves secluded themselves, and the Giants dwindled in number.

At the dawn of this age, certain cults of Man unnatural abilities through controversial rituals by mysterious beings. Greatest amongst these cults were pyromantic order of the Firekeepers of Vishnaral, they who protected and had nursed the First Flame, sacred gift of the gods, back to health after its near estinguishing in the First Age.

Yet as the Second Age drew to its close, and a new shadow rose in the North to wage war upon the world, the city of Vishnaral fell, and with it the Firekeepers and the Sacred Fire went out.

ChadhiyanaIt was not long after that Chadhiyana appears in the histories of that time. Dark, beautiful, and fierce, she tread the world beneath her sandaled feet, fighting the spreading corruption and helping those in need. Her motivations were a mystery, but the scars on her body told tales of hardships and abuse. Most notable were Chadhiyana’s eyes, eyes not seen since before the fall of Vishnaral: the bold, fire-ringed eyes of a Firekeeper.

The Chadhiyana comic series tells the story of this formidable yet controversial heroine against a dark fantasy setting inspired by the cultures of South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa.



Chadhiyana began as a piece of artwork by J. M. DeSantis called “Goddess of Sand”. When he placed the image on his convention banner, it garnered the interest of some con goers and he decided to explore the story of this then nameless character.

Chadhiyana #0 cover

By 2012 Chadhiyana appeared in two short comic stories (A Saviour in the Dark and Chadhiyana and the Serpent) in GWP Presents, which were later collected in Chadhiyana #0. J. M. DeSantis then moved onto Chadhiyana’s origin story in Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows. It began as a web-comic on in 2013. In 2014 it was picked up by Rosarium Publishing who published five issues of Chadhiyana between 2014 and 2016. It was then, after Chadhiyana #5 that DeSantis decided to step away from the project temporarily and reassess the property and its future.

In 2019 it was announced that a new Chadhiyana series would begin publishing under Dark Fire Press ( Five new issues are scheduled to publish in 2020, with nine new standalone stories. The announcement began with the short comic, The Call of Fire, and will be followed with the first issue, Chadhiyana: Re-Kindled in early 2020.



J. M. DeSantis

J. M. DeSantis is a writer and artist (Write-ist) and the creator of Chadhiyana. To date he has written fourteen Chadhiyana stories (including the yet-to-be-published new series from Dark Fire Press), with six current issues, and more to come. Other than the Girl with the Fire-Ringed Eyes, DeSantis has worked on a number of publications and with a number of studios, both as a writer and an artist. He is also the author of the horror novella, Robert Phillips, a children’s book about acceptance named Ghosts Are People Too, and the short comic The Tainted Ones.

You can learn more about the creator and browse his other works on his website,



The wonderful and distinct Chadhiyana logo was designed by artist and graphic designer, Corey Breen. It was loosely inspired by Devanagari script, and has the colours of Chadhiyana’s own costume.

Originally designed in 2013, the logo was slightly adjusted in 2019 for the announcement of the new series. The adjustments were also done by Corey Breen.

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Chadhiyana Logo designed by Corey Breen