Even the Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men…

I’m not changing the art to black and white. I swear. While my aspirations for finishing last week’s falling-behind-page and completing this week’s page all in a week’s time were noble, it didn’t quite work out as I’d hoped. So, things fell behind again and thus two black and white pages in a row. I’ll finish them soon, to be sure, but I want to move on with coloured art, so I’ll do it as I can.

Speaking of colour, however, I recently got a new calibration device for my computer. The reasons were manifold, but not least because I noticed a much better result doing my colour adjustments in CMYK (starting on page 26), and I thought perhaps a calibration device might help me do even better.

So, in the future, expect that there may be some changes to the colours on the previous pages in the book (especially those preceding page 26). There’s also a few pages to be rescanned (as there are some corrections to be made to the art) and a possible, final change to the page numbering system of the book, but those should be (as far as I can foresee) the last changes needed to be made to previous pages and formatting. So stay tuned and be patient. I’m juggling a lot, and it may take a bit to catch up, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love working on this book.

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