And So Our Lady Speaks

This week we at last hear (or read, rather) Chadhiyana’s first words in the graphic novel. Again, I know it’s a strange choice to not have the title character speak for the first forty one pages of the book (and even be unseen for a long while before that–if not, masked and disguised), but if you read my post from two weeks ago, you’ll see that I intended on creating a desire for Chadhiyana within the reader–with a certain amount of success, I might add.

That said, you’ll get to hear (read) her talk for a few more pages, then two scenes will follow which will establish much more about the plot of the book. Chapter II will focus on Chadhiyana more exclusively. I don’t want to say too much, but Chapter I will be winding to a close as the summer progresses. In fact, I believe Chapter I will end just in time for the Boston Comic Con (which I’ll be exhibiting at in Artist Alley this year).

There’s so much to come, and if I keep typing this, I might just ruin all the surprises! So, I’ll just leave you with: stay tuned and keep reading.

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