Interview with Sequential Tart

My anticipated interview with Sequential Tart ( is finally available on their website! Previously, the site had reviewed Chadhiyana #1 and #2, both with a 10/10 rating. Then, last month, they contacted me for an interview about Chadhiyana, how the character developed and even how I got into comics in the first place.

You can find the interview on their website as part of their November 2015 issue: It’s packed full of information about my process, how Chadhiyana came to life and just some other odds and ends. So check out the interview if you want to know more. After all, if you’ve already read Chadhiyana #1 and #2, and all of the current Gentleman Cthulhu comics (my other web-comic on, this is something that can tide you over until Chadhiyana #3 comes out (hopefully next month).


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