A New Chadhiyana Project

Chadhiyana FirekeeperChadhiyana creator J. M. DeSantis is currently at work on stories and other materials for a new Chadhiyana project and the series beyond. This new project will include a number of new Chadhiyana stories, told over the course of roughly five comic issues. 

The project is envisioned as a web, with different stories branching out into different directions of the overall series, with the intention of being a great starting point for new readers, and bringing new content to old fans. References too will be made to the yet unfinished In the Company of Shadows. The first of the five issues is scheduled for an early 2020 release.

In addition, at least ten artists have been attached to the project and eight of those ten are female artists. More information and artwork will be released throughout the remainder of 2019. In the meanwhile, new non-Chadhiyana projects have been and will continue to release through 2019 by J. M. DeSantis through Dark Fire Press.

Visit jmdesantis.com and darkfirepress.com for up-to-date news and links for the 2019 publications. Also, feel free to visit and contribute to the new Chadhiyana Wiki at chadhiyana.fandom.com/wiki/Chadhiyana_Wiki.

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