Happy Diwali 2019

Happy Diwali, Chadhiyana fans!

We know that there was a comic advertised as being available today (titled “The Call of Fire”) but the artist didn’t pull through. So J. M. DeSantis had to pick up art duties at the 11th hour. Our sincere apologies. But there’s great news today. Chadhiyana has a new publisher: Dark Fire Press! There are five new issues scheduled for release in 2020, starting with Chadhiyana: Re-Kindled (darkfirepress.com/chadhiyana/rekindled.php)

“The Call of Fire” is a short, 4-page comic, so it should be up soon. Check back this week or next week to read the comic, or follow Dark Fire Press on Twitter (@darkfirepress) or Facebook (and J. M. DeSantis; social media links at the top of the side bar) for the announcement when the comic is up.

There’s also going to be a special, limited edition version available (print only) at conventions and for a limited time for online sale. So stay tuned. This is all a part of something new from Chadhiyana, but also a continuation of what has come before. More information to follow in the coming months.

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