Chadhiyana Dreams

A Page Unfinished

So begins Chapter I proper, and with it at last dialogue will begin in the graphic novel. I had hoped to post the finished artwork for page 23 today; however, in light of recent events (see last week’s post on this and my main website––for more on that) I was generally unmotivated to do much of anything for quite a few days last week. Thus, at the eleventh hour last night, with the page unfinished, I was forced to make a choice between the lesser of two evils: finish the artwork and post the page unlettered or scan the unfinished art and letter the page. I chose the latter, mainly because I had promised dialogue (at last!) with this new chapter (as was the plan from the start), but also because, though many have complimented me on the artwork in the book thus far, story is still my first consideration. Read more… ›

Almost There

After a couple of weeks of waiting, Chapter I is finally here. With this new chapter comes another title page (as will always be the case for new chapters), but also a new graphic for all chapter title pages (to give the title pages a little more character)–the title page of the Prologue has been changed to match this. Also, as stated many a time, dialogue will begin in this new chapter. So, you can expect to learn what the action-based sequence of the Prologue was all about soon enough. Read more… ›

End Prologue – Chapter I Coming in January

Last week, page twenty of Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows was published, and so the Prologue of the book was brought to a close. Though originally the title page for Chapter I had been scheduled for today, the author has chosen to delay the publication of Chapter I until the New Year begins (specifically starting on Tuesday, January 7, 2014, as the new-page-on-Tuesdays schedule will continue in the new year). Read more… ›

New Posting Schedule

New York Comic Con has come and gone (if you want to read about that, please visit my blog on tomorrow), and we’ve at last reached October 15th, the final day for the one-page-every-weekday posts. As stated, the extension of this posting schedule was entirely dependent on how much work I could get done between last week and today. Unfortunately, as is typically the case with me, I expected a little more than was reasonable. Throughout the Con weekend I had little time to work on the graphic novel and, as a result, posted yesterday’s page a little later than usual. What’s more, I felt I rushed these last two pages to get them done in time and so am slightly less happy with them. Read more… ›

Comic Pages & New York Comic Con 2013

After a few introduction pages last week and the Prologue’s title page, we at last begin the Prologue proper with some actual comic pages. (Finally!) Again, the Prologue’s story is told entirely without dialogue, so please don’t think it an error; J. M. DeSantis has a clear reason for his decision in this.

Also, if you’re attending the New York Comic Con this weekend, J. M. DeSantis will be at booth # 943 promoting Chadhiyana and other works. Be sure to stop by and pick up a signed copy of Chadhiyana (the original comic which began Chadhiyana’s story) or just say hello.

Keep checking back every day through the show. New pages will posting every weekday through October 15th. A new schedule, going forward, will be released soon. Enjoy!

And so it Begins…

Welcome to the official launch of Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows, the new graphic novel by, writer and artist, J. M. DeSantis. This book continues the story of Chadhiyana as it was begun a year ago in a comic which collected two stand-alone short stories featuring the title character (available for purchase on was set up as a platform for J. M. DeSantis to regularly post pages from the book as he completes it, grows Chadhiyana’s readership and looks for a publisher for the graphic novel and other Chadhiyana stories. Read more… ›

Slight Change to the Official Launch Date

Not to worry folks; the change is a good one. Because one page at the beginning of the book had to be extended to two pages, the Chadhiyana graphic novel web-comic, Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows, will begin posting on Tuesday, October 1st. That means an earlier release date and an extra page next week. Everything else will remain as it was outlined in yesterday’s post. So make sure you come back on Tuesday for the first posting (the cover of the book) and help celebrate the start of a new chapter in Chadhiyana’s story (both literally and figuratively).

Launch Date Announced

As it was announced on J. M. DeSantis’s blog today (, Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows, the graphic novel web-comic which will further tell the story of Chadhiyana, will begin posting next week on Wednesday, October 2, 2013. Mark your calendars and read ahead for the posting schedule so you know what to expect going forward. Read more… ›

The Countdown Begins

For some weeks now, J. M. DeSantis has been giving regular updates on his blog (on as to the progress of the Chadhiyana graphic novel, Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows. As it has been previously announced there, the graphic novel will be published regularly as a web-comic as the creator works on the project, grows an audience for Chadhiyana and finds a publisher for this and future books. This website will be the home of that web-comic.

The exact date of the launch of the web-comic is yet to be determined; however, it has been J. M. DeSantis’s plan all along to have the web-comic ready for the 2013 New York Comic Con (as the first comic debuted at NYCC 2012). That said, keep checking for weekly updates as to the progress on the book and expect the first pages of the comic to be posted very soon.

Coming Soon…

Chadhiyana concernedCongratulations! You’ve happened upon this in-progress website, before it’s official launch. is a forthcoming website from, writer and artist, J. M. DeSantis and will be based around his India-influenced, fantasy heroine, Chadhiyana. However, the exact date of this site’s completion is yet to be determined (as J. M. DeSantis’s focus is currently turned to his in-progress graphic novel based upon Chadhiyana). In the meanwhile, if you are unfamiliar with Chadhiyana or J. M. DeSantis’s other work, you may visit J. M.’s website at, while you wait for this site to be completed. You can also learn more about Chadhiyana by purchasing a copy of the original Chadhiyana comic through IndyPlanet which features two short tales about the character:

Keep checking back. Some actual content should be coming relatively soon.