Almost There

After a couple of weeks of waiting, Chapter I is finally here. With this new chapter comes another title page (as will always be the case for new chapters), but also a new graphic for all chapter title pages (to give the title pages a little more character)–the title page of the Prologue has been changed to match this. Also, as stated many a time, dialogue will begin in this new chapter. So, you can expect to learn what the action-based sequence of the Prologue was all about soon enough. Read more… ›

The Incredible Disappearing, Reappearing Scabbard

As promised, corrections have been made this week to Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows. The scabbard hanging from the female shadow warrior’s (now revealed to be Chadhiyana) belt which had been missing on pages 17 and 18, has now been added to those pages. And, in case you were wondering, J. M. DeSantis did hand paint those corrections.

Don’t forget that Chapter I begins posting next week (yes, starting with another chapter title page). The art will also move from the limited colour scheme of the Prologue to something more full, and again, there will be dialogue starting with the first page of the new chapter. So make sure you come back in the New Year and see how this graphic novel develops in 2014. Happy New Year!

End Prologue – Chapter I Coming in January

Last week, page twenty of Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows was published, and so the Prologue of the book was brought to a close. Though originally the title page for Chapter I had been scheduled for today, the author has chosen to delay the publication of Chapter I until the New Year begins (specifically starting on Tuesday, January 7, 2014, as the new-page-on-Tuesdays schedule will continue in the new year). Read more… ›

Some Small Changes

Two small changes were made to the pages of Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows this week (aside from adding page 18 to the list). First, the text reading “~a graphic novel~ by” was removed from the cover image, as well as J. M. DeSantis’s JMD logo (also his signature) from the top of the cover. The logo was expanded to cover more area, and the bottom purple bar (upon which the aforementioned text was place) was removed. Second, the colours on last week’s page 17 were darkened in certain instances, where necessary to maintain a uniform look from page to page. Again, minor changes, but worth noting for those of you paying attention.

Don’t forget that dialogue will begin with Chapter I of the graphic novel, the first page of which should post around the beginning of the new year.

Changes to Page Numbering

Frequent readers may have noticed a sudden jump or change in the page numbers on This was merely a decision made to better reflect J. M. DeSantis’s script for Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows and is in keeping with not only the page numbering therein, but also the typical method of numbering pages for a book or web-comic. Read more… ›

Improvements to the Prologue

Some improvements have been made to the Prologue pages up to this point. The colour of the title page has been changed slightly to an arguably more attractive colour. Also, the texture on the vines which first appeared on page 6 was added to pages 1 through 5. Pages 6 and 7 saw some corrections made to the art, including darker blue shadows and a different orange-brown colour for the patterns on the snakes on page 7. Other minor improvements were made to pages 4 and 5 as well. If you are new to Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows, these changes are of little concern.

Page 8 of the Prologue is now up, and not only is it the first page of the new posting schedule, but also the first full-page spread of the book. Don’t forget to check back every week for a new page, and visit every Wednesday for a new blog entry by, Chadhiyana creator, J. M. DeSantis (tomorrow’s will concern the aforementioned improvements). Enjoy!

New Posting Schedule

New York Comic Con has come and gone (if you want to read about that, please visit my blog on tomorrow), and we’ve at last reached October 15th, the final day for the one-page-every-weekday posts. As stated, the extension of this posting schedule was entirely dependent on how much work I could get done between last week and today. Unfortunately, as is typically the case with me, I expected a little more than was reasonable. Throughout the Con weekend I had little time to work on the graphic novel and, as a result, posted yesterday’s page a little later than usual. What’s more, I felt I rushed these last two pages to get them done in time and so am slightly less happy with them. Read more… ›

Comic Pages & New York Comic Con 2013

After a few introduction pages last week and the Prologue’s title page, we at last begin the Prologue proper with some actual comic pages. (Finally!) Again, the Prologue’s story is told entirely without dialogue, so please don’t think it an error; J. M. DeSantis has a clear reason for his decision in this.

Also, if you’re attending the New York Comic Con this weekend, J. M. DeSantis will be at booth # 943 promoting Chadhiyana and other works. Be sure to stop by and pick up a signed copy of Chadhiyana (the original comic which began Chadhiyana’s story) or just say hello.

Keep checking back every day through the show. New pages will posting every weekday through October 15th. A new schedule, going forward, will be released soon. Enjoy!

And so it Begins…

Welcome to the official launch of Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows, the new graphic novel by, writer and artist, J. M. DeSantis. This book continues the story of Chadhiyana as it was begun a year ago in a comic which collected two stand-alone short stories featuring the title character (available for purchase on was set up as a platform for J. M. DeSantis to regularly post pages from the book as he completes it, grows Chadhiyana’s readership and looks for a publisher for the graphic novel and other Chadhiyana stories. Read more… ›

Slight Change to the Official Launch Date

Not to worry folks; the change is a good one. Because one page at the beginning of the book had to be extended to two pages, the Chadhiyana graphic novel web-comic, Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows, will begin posting on Tuesday, October 1st. That means an earlier release date and an extra page next week. Everything else will remain as it was outlined in yesterday’s post. So make sure you come back on Tuesday for the first posting (the cover of the book) and help celebrate the start of a new chapter in Chadhiyana’s story (both literally and figuratively).