And So Our Lady Speaks

This week we at last hear (or read, rather) Chadhiyana’s first words in the graphic novel. Again, I know it’s a strange choice to not have the title character speak for the first forty one pages of the book (and even be unseen for a long while before that–if not, masked and disguised), but if you read my post from two weeks ago, you’ll see that I intended on creating a desire for Chadhiyana within the reader–with a certain amount of success, I might add. Read more… ›

Chadhiyana Returns

After introducing a number of new characters (major and minor), Chadhiyana at last reappears in the book. Of course, if you haven’t figured it out yet, she was the female Tal-Ifatiir who fought and unmasked the witch (and herself) in the Prologue. Now she appears definitively in the book, and in just two weeks (following this present, short sequence) she’s finally going to speak! Read more… ›

The Woman of the Tal-Ifatiir

This week, the character, Ifatir-Wamir finishes his report, which functions as an explanation of the events of the Prologue. Hopefully any of you who were lost at last have an idea of what that was all about. What’s more, in his report to the Tal-Fatiir masters, Ishalaraad and Kalaah ad-Fataar, Ifatir-Wamir mentions a woman who fought against the seemingly living forest “like a firestorm.” Do any of you have an idea who this woman is? Did any of you recognise her in the Prologue? Read more… ›

All Caught Up…Ahead Even

I’ve noticed a lot of visitors have viewed the last two January posts (All Caught Up…Mostly and A Page Unfinished) over the past two weeks. This was probably in response to the recent uncoloured art I posted for pages 29 and 30. The trouble is, these readers ignored the two most recent posts which addressed said pages specifically. But we’re past that now. Not only am I caught up, but I’ve finally gotten a little ahead.  Read more… ›

Even the Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men…

I’m not changing the art to black and white. I swear. While my aspirations for finishing last week’s falling-behind-page and completing this week’s page all in a week’s time were noble, it didn’t quite work out as I’d hoped. So, things fell behind again and thus two black and white pages in a row. I’ll finish them soon, to be sure, but I want to move on with coloured art, so I’ll do it as I can. Read more… ›

Sad News and a Look Behind the Scenes

I was already running severely behind this week when I received a call yesterday that, my friend and journalist, Bill Baker had passed away. It took a lot out of me, and I barely got even the pencils done for page 29 in time for today’s post. That said, it was always Bill’s advice that, no matter what, I post something even if I can’t finish a page for any reason (Bill was very influential in me bringing this graphic novel to the web). So, in honour of him, and at the suggestion of my wonderful girlfriend, I’m going to turn a negative into a positive and do something a little different this week. Read more… ›

All Caught Up…Mostly

I put in some long hours yesterday to make sure that not only was page 24 completed and lettered for today, but that also I was able to re-post page 23 in its completed form. I also increased the size of the text on page 23 as I felt it might read too small for some. I’m not sure what colours you all pictured for the African-like villagers at the bottom of page 23, but blue and red is as I pictured them, once I began deciding on the colours for this scene. And, what’s more, now you get a clearer sense of the colour of the uniforms for that shadowy group from the Prologue. Read more… ›

A Page Unfinished

So begins Chapter I proper, and with it at last dialogue will begin in the graphic novel. I had hoped to post the finished artwork for page 23 today; however, in light of recent events (see last week’s post on this and my main website––for more on that) I was generally unmotivated to do much of anything for quite a few days last week. Thus, at the eleventh hour last night, with the page unfinished, I was forced to make a choice between the lesser of two evils: finish the artwork and post the page unlettered or scan the unfinished art and letter the page. I chose the latter, mainly because I had promised dialogue (at last!) with this new chapter (as was the plan from the start), but also because, though many have complimented me on the artwork in the book thus far, story is still my first consideration. Read more… ›

Almost There

After a couple of weeks of waiting, Chapter I is finally here. With this new chapter comes another title page (as will always be the case for new chapters), but also a new graphic for all chapter title pages (to give the title pages a little more character)–the title page of the Prologue has been changed to match this. Also, as stated many a time, dialogue will begin in this new chapter. So, you can expect to learn what the action-based sequence of the Prologue was all about soon enough. Read more… ›

The Incredible Disappearing, Reappearing Scabbard

As promised, corrections have been made this week to Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows. The scabbard hanging from the female shadow warrior’s (now revealed to be Chadhiyana) belt which had been missing on pages 17 and 18, has now been added to those pages. And, in case you were wondering, J. M. DeSantis did hand paint those corrections.

Don’t forget that Chapter I begins posting next week (yes, starting with another chapter title page). The art will also move from the limited colour scheme of the Prologue to something more full, and again, there will be dialogue starting with the first page of the new chapter. So make sure you come back in the New Year and see how this graphic novel develops in 2014. Happy New Year!